MommysGirl/GirlsWay: India Summer, Karlee Grey, Kalina Ryu - Parent Teacher Secrets (FullHD/1080p/1.62 Gb)

Troublemaker Karlee Grey is taking her time getting dressed and preparing for a meeting with her professor, Kalina Ryu. She is interrupted by her step-mother, India Summer, who isnt thrilled about the meeting or her step-daughters attitude. India cant understand why Karlee isnt taking her education seriously. All Karlee needs to do is graduate and go to college, and Indias life will be that much easier. While theres the usual, like showing up late for class, Karlee is also in trouble because she thinks its okay to lock lips with a fellow classmate in the middle of lessons! Karlee figures shes going to get off easy since her mother knows and has worked with her professor before, but gets a rude awakening when India tells her that shes not bailing her out. Its time for Karlee to take responsibility and face the consequences of her actions. Once the mother and daughter duo arrive at Kalinas household, the atmosphere is tense, and theres no missing the bad blood between India and Kalina. Despite having told Karlee that shes not going to cover for her, Indias motherly instincts kick in as she tries to win Kalina over to prevent Karlee from being flunked. However, it backfires on her when Kalina reveals a scandalous secret about them, which takes both India and Karlee by surprise. Its then that the sexy professor proposes an ultimatum. If Karlee has any hope of passing Kalinas class, both she and India will have to set aside their differences and work together to rock Kalinas world.
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