KinkyMistresses: Goddess Maya Liyer, Governess Painless - Kinky Fun in the Shower (HD/720p/444.62 Mb)

After arriving in the filming location on a sunday morning in London, Goddess Maya Liyer & Governess Painless are waiting for the filming slave. He was late so they decided to use the guy who is cleaning the rooms. Last night was a big party in the gay club "Blue Door Dungeon" and that cleaning guy was one of the gay subs and now the 2 ladies are using him for their pleasure. He has to worship the boots and feet of these real british Ladies and at the end he gets the hot champagne of Goddess Maya Liyer and he has to serve as toilet paper afterwards
  • 23-01-2018, 12:52
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  • KinkyMistresses: Goddess Maya, Mistress Courtney - CBT by the British Ladies (HD/720p/752.61 Mb)

    Amazing Asian Goddess Maya and breathtaking Mistress Courtney are out on a lonely sidewalk smoking cigarettes as a guy is coming by. He is hitting on them and the Ladies say, we can have some fun, but we like different kind of fun, want to come with us? So he follows them... weakened by their power and sex apeal, he quickly is finding himself on the bed with a mask on enduring a lot of sadistic games, like trampling, cock torture and humiliation
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