BlackPayBack: Tara Ashley - Whitey DonT Understand (FullHD/1080p/3.33 Gb)

BlackPayBack: Tara Ashley - Whitey DonT Understand (FullHD/1080p/3.33 Gb)

I’ve seen’t it over and over all the damn times. White bih be tellin us black folk what signs to hold, what to spit, and how we should feel on topics she ain’t know a dang thing bout. Real talk. Dey even wearin the black lives matter shirts in a show of some perverted virtue signaling ish. White women. Hear me. You dun did enough damn damage with the way you voted. Don’t be makin mends with a T-shirt. You want to make mends, be bred like a good white bih. That’s it. If you can’t do dat, then GTFO.

Porno Star: Tara Ashley
Porno Movie: Whitey DonT Understand
Relise Porn: 2019
Porno Site: BlackPayBack

Porno Genre: Interracial, Milf, Hardcore, Blonde, Deep Throat, Big Dick, Face Fuck

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: mp4
Video: AVC, 1920x1080, (16:9), 59.94 Fps, 7909 Kbs, Duration: 00:58:31
Audio: AAC LC, Stereo 2, 216535 Kbs
Size: 3.33 Gb

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