Clips4Sale: Addiction - While Dads not home... (FullHD/1080p/712.71 Mb)

Clips4Sale: Addiction - While Dads not home... (FullHD/1080p/712.71 Mb)

Mom is on the floor on her tummy with her flop flop and tight jeans on reading a book, her son walks in from school and sits right behind on the sofa, moms flip flops are tangling from moms feet and her son starts to admire them, while mom talks to him about school ect, he tells her what nice feet and toes she has, mom starts to tease her son more by rubbing them together, then she drops them on his lap, rubbing them on his crotch, and sayings oops son i didnt notice you were sitting there, son says its okay mom, ill give you a foot rub, he pulls out his cock, while mom is still talking and reading her book on the floor, he rubs it on his moms soles, mom says she is getting hot and wants to get comfy so takes off her top and notices her son has his cock out and says OH MY GOD what are you doing son? he says sorry i couldnt help it your feet and body are so beautiful, mom says you shouldnt be doing that i am your mother, what if your dad finds out, son says how will he find out, hes not says okay and starts to rub his cock with her feet and says carry on and lays back down on her tummy, her son says mom you have a beautiful ass and legs, and asks if he can rub against them, he lies on top of her and cheekly puts his jeans back on and grinds on his moms ass against her tight jeans, he gets brave and thrusts hard into his mom, first slowly then hard inwards, he does this for a few mins and mom says, is this how you fuck your girlfriends at college son?Son says okay, let me show you how i fuck, mom says okay show me but this is so wrong, you little and laughs...he gets his mom in the doggystyle position, grips her hair and thrusts back and fourth into his moms tight jeans ass, mom says oh gosh your so naughty, then son says so mom how do you suck dads cock?, she says okay let me show you, she pulls down her sons boxers/jeans and at this point the camera should be POV of mom teasing her son by slowly kissing her sons cock, then son asking his mom to lick his cock from top to bottom, then sucking it very hard and fast, then mom says so thats enough your dad will be here home soon.Back to wide angel shoot. no POVNext day, mom is in the kitchen with her tight jeans and bare footed, son is eating his lunch and keeps staring at his moms ass, she notices and gets angry at her son, saying stop looking i am your mother, and bends over to get something, son slaps his moms ass, she says okay enough and slaps her son, she then sits on her sons lap facing him, legs on each side of the chair, she grabs her son by the hair and says listen son you cant do this anymore, or i will beat you and teach you a lesson, son laughs and says are you kidding me, i am not a k!d anymore and in college mom, plus you are sitting on my lap, son grabs his moms ass with both hands, she tries to get him to stop and tries to fight it off, he grabs moms ass and grinds it back and forward, she slaps him again and gets off and goes into the tv and says get your ass in there, she says okay im going to kick your ass son, they wrestle, son gets mom on the floor and she locks her feet around him, son flips her over and takes her jeans off, he takes his off and fucks, trusts his cock into moms pussy, fucks her hard on the floor, pulling her hair, roughing her hair all over the place, she tries to escape but keeps her pinned down on her tummy, mom swears and is so angry, with more anger mom shows the more hard he fucks his mother. Finally he is about to cum but mom says no, let me blow you off, so she POV sucks him off, right on her tongue .

Porno Star: Addiction
Porno Movie: While Dads not home...
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