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    When blonde nerd Nesty knocks on the door of the Fake Hostel, the Landlord cant believe his luck. Before he can buy a lottery ticket, however, the Landlord shows Nesty to her room. Soon, the blonde goes exploring, and the Landlord sneaks into her room. Rummaging through her bag, the Landlord finds a variety of sex toys including a buttplug, double headed dildo, and vibrator. As hes marveling at the sexual treasure chest, Nesty returns to her room and slams the door. Before he can stammer an apology, the Landlord is bombarded by the blonde, who starts sucking his dick! After giving him an erection, Nesty demands he eat her pussy, shoving the Landlords tongue into her ass. Not one to be outdone, the Landlord makes Nesty squirt multiple times, pinches her nipples as he fucks her doggystyle, and then cums on her pussy!
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    I had another client come through the door to interview today, a lovely blonde woman of French origin named Angel Emily. Angel had tried her hand at modeling previously, but when it didnt work out, contacted our agency to see what we could do for her. Obviously I have a lot of friends who I could show her to, but first I needed to see what her body had to offer and what kind of skills she had. I snapped some pictures of her fully clothed, then helped her strip so I could take some pictures of her naked tits and tiny butt. I told Angel that if she wanted to break into the adult entertainment industry she could not be shy, and told her if she wanted the job she had to suck my dick. Angel did more than suck my cock. She also masturbated for me, then rode my cock reverse cowgirl. After some horny doggystyle and missionary, I covered her with a facial. Perfect enthusiasm for a new model!
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    I was walking when I came across Georgie Lyall wearing a pretty dress with flowers on it. Georgie was in Prague on holiday, and had taken a wrong turn and gotten lost. She was meant to be at the center, but she had ended up on the edge of the city. She asked me if I had some change so she could take the bus, but I only had big bills, so I told her I would pay her 200 euro to show me her big Scottish tits. That was easy for a gal like Georgie, so for 600 more, I asked her if she would suck my dick! We walked into the woods and Georgie showed me her big tits and ass again and my dick got hard, then she gave me a sloppy blowjob. I fucked Georgie doggystyle up against a street then on the ground, and when I was ready to cum she squeezed her big boobs together to catch all my cum!
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    Tall, leggy beauty Elena has dressed herself up in lacy lingerie to look sweetly sexy for a visit from her secret lover, but when she texts him to come over, he tries to put an end to their illicit affair. Frustrated, Elena decides to play with her pussy as she remembers their passion in days past. Shes so wrapped up in her pleasure, she doesnt even notice when Brad arrives, unable to resist her siren call. Their forbidden passion just keeps getting hotter, and as they bring each other to the peak of pleasure, its clear these lovers wont be able to stay away.
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