ClubDom: Alexis Fawx, Michelle Lacy - The Broken Down Car Trick. (FullHD/1080p/1.15 Gb)

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Alexis Fawx are bored and use the old broken down car trick to lure in a guy to have some fun with, They are standing on the side of the road in black bikinis with the hood up and in no time a big muscle bound guy pulls up to see if he can give them some help. Michelle hands him a sip of her drink and he get woozy they help him to his truck and he comes too chained up in their dungeon, the ladies explain to him that they like things kinky and to be in control, he demands they release him and the ladies just laugh, Mistress Michelle grabs his cock and balls and starts to beat them with her hand crop, The girls tell him how much this turns them on, as he screams for mercy, Goddess Alexis tells him he will learn to love this and to just let go, because next my friend Michelle is going to whip your back until my pussy gets wet. Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Alexis Fawx decide it’s time to whip the out of this big macho guy who is used to getting his way with woman, Its time to show this muscle head just who really is in charge her, the ladies laugh as he screams out for mercy knowing they will be giving none, That’s right bitch scream as loud and as long as you can know one will ever hear you again.
  • 30-07-2019, 17:40
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  • ClubDom: Dahlia Rain, Domina Helena - Slave 032’s Day In The Dungeon (Full Movie). (FullHD/1080p/2.04 Gb)

    Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena use their slave to give them a ride to their dungeon where they restrain him so they can whip him. They take turns turning his pale white back red with whip marks. Dressed in their latex stockings, they admire their artwork before deciding they need to work a little lower on their slave. Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to continue their beating of their useless slave and make him beg to cane his pale ass. The two Goddesses bend him over and take turns caning his white ass and leaving bright red marks all over it. Now that Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena have whipped and caned their pathetic slave, they want to milk the disgusting filth out of his useless balls. They restrain their slave in their dungeon and start stroking his slut stick to milk out his filth. After he finally spills his filth, they feed it to him as a reward. Disappointed with the filth production from their slave, Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to pulverize his slut sacks since they are so worthless. They grab and twist his slut sacks and beat them with their crops. Maybe their pathetic slave will remember this and try harder to produce next time the Goddesses want to milk him.
  • 30-07-2019, 14:31
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