DaneJones: Lyen Parker - Hungarian babe teasing and pleasing (HD/720p/483.42 Mb)

Lyen does a sultry sway for her lover Max, sliding her cutoff jeans down over her perky round ass to reveal a set of white lace panties that match the bralette covering her petite breasts. She continues her sexy dance as she strips down to her skin, gracing Max with a megawatt smile. He watches, anticipation growing along with his hard cock, then gets close for a passionate kiss. Max caresses her small tits and skims his hands down to her ass, and Lyen strokes his penis before kneeling to show it some love with her talented lips and tongue. The lovers take their languid lovemaking to the bed, where Max softly nibbles Lyens nipples and kisses her neck before trailing his mouth down to lap at her clit. When Lyen cant wait any longer, Max gives her the intimate missionary shes been craving, before she gets on her knees for some deep doggystyle. Lyen takes over for a cowgirl ride, then watches as Max cums on her shapely ass!
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  • DaneJones: Jade Presley - Squirting orgasms for Honduran girl (HD/720p/523.7 Mb)

    Honduran hottie Jade Presley lies in bed with her lover Steve Q as he kisses her neck. The couple kiss passionately and start to make out. Steve pulls down Jades blouse and sucks her tits, then Jade lies back and spreads her legs invitingly. Steve leaves a trail of kisses on Jades inner thigh, then teases her pussy. Pulling her lover in close, Jade licks him from neck to lips, then lies back down so he can eat her out. Steve tastes Jades sweet juices and feels his cock stiffen, pulls down his shorts, then fucks his lover missionary style. They fuck this way until Jade spins on Steves dick so she can ride him reverse cowgirl. Steve enjoys the view of Jades bouncing booty, then fingers her until she squirts! The couple continue fucking to multiple orgasm, then Steve creampies Jade.
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