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Kiki Minaj had mischief written all over her face. It was a hot day, and Kiki was dressed for the occasion. I could practically see her pussy when she got into the cab! When I offered her the cab ride for free, Kiki was all too happy to show me her "pom pom." As I found us a quiet place to park, Kiki pulled her shorts down and twerked her big ass up and down. I couldnt wait for her to do that on my dick, and it was worth the wait! I ate her pussy and stuck a finger in her arse to make her cum, then she deepthroated the Bishop and sucked my big balls. After a fun spot of anal, Kiki, the little slut, stuck her finger in my arse as I fucked her face, then swallowed a huge load of cum. When a woman fucks me this good, Ill drive her anywhere!
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    I turned the corner today and said to myself "oh no," because standing there once more was Rhiannon Ryder. Our first few fucks had been horny enough, and she did have one hell of an arse, but it was getting to the point where I thought she was stalking me! I let her into the car to tell her to leave me alone, but she pulled down her skirt and panties and started to twerk. I couldnt resist that pretty pink pussy! I decided to punish her with a spanking, then fucked her face roughly in the backseat. She wouldnt let me put it in her arse, but that was fine: I made sure to fuck her pussy so hard shed be sore for weeks! Rhiannon had a big smile on her face and mascara running down her cheeks by the time I came on her face with a facial
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    "Now that is a slut if I ever saw one," I said to myself when I laid eyes on Anna De Ville flagging down my cab. An American redhead, Anna was certainly dressed for the weather...that is she was wearing next to nothing, and her tits were practically falling out! She started telling me about a challenge she had given herself to fuck her way across Europe with nothing but her clothes. When I asked how she would pay her cab fare, she spread her legs and showed me her money box. I hopped into the backseat and she was already wet, so I ate her pussy, then she gave me a sloppy blowjob and a rimjob. I fucked her pussy and her arse before cuming inside her with a creampie!
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