AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage: India Summer, Audrey Noir - Teaching The Rookie (FullHD/1080p/1.83 Gb)

India Summer is showing Audrey Noir around the massage parlor for Audreys first day of training. India shows Audrey one of her favorite rooms, a beautiful, soothing room with an aquarium. When India asks Audrey where she went to school, she responds that she went to the Massage Institute. India tells her shes never heard of it. When Audrey tells her its actually in Europe, India asks her which part of Europe. When she responds that she studied in Thailand, India asks her to show her what she learned in Thailand...Europe.
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  • AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage: Casey Calvert, Dana DeArmond - Way Too Anxious (FullHD/1080p/1.9 Gb)

    Dana DeArmond and her husband Billy are overworked and really stressed out. Billy has decided to help his wife unwind with a professional massage. When he drives her over to the massage parlor, the masseuse, Casey Calvert is just about ready to finish her shift. When she sees how anxious Dana is, she tells her husband that she cant leave the office with a clear conscious without massaging his wife. Billy is relieved and thanks her. Its clear that Dana is suffering from a terrible bout of anxiety and Casey is going to do everything she can to help her. Casey assures her that shes got just the thing to help her relax. It takes some convincing but Dana calms down just enough to finally agree to get massaged. Casey explains that in order to proceed with the massage shes going to have to take off her clothes. Dara is still nervous about all this and hesitates temporarily, but Casey reassures her that all will be well. Casey finally gets her to lie down, but Dana wont stop talking. As Casey starts massaging her feet, it seems like Danas slowly settling in to it. Casey pulls out a bolster and has Dana get comfortable. When Casey she starts focusing on those hard to reach areas, Dana finally starts unwinding and by the time shes done playing with her pussy, Dana has forgotten about all her problems.
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  • AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage: Ashley Adams, Vienna Black - Second Cousins, Twice Rubbed (FullHD/1080p/1.62 Gb)

    Vienna Black has booked a massage for the day but neglected to tell her girlfriend. Being the jealous type, her girlfriend is royally pissed off at her. Vienna assures her that its just a massage and cant figure out why shes overreacting. When her girlfriend threatens to break up with her, Vienna tells her that she doesnt have time for this as the masseuse is at the door. She says goodbye and hangs up the phone. She lets Ashley Adams in and apologizes for making her wait. She then leads her to the living room to set up her massage table. The girls start chatting as Ashley massages Vienna. Vienna even tells her about her jealous girlfriend and they have a good laugh. Despite the obvious chemistry between them, Ashley feels a little off about Vienna and cant quite put her finger on it. When the girls find out where there from, Ashley starts realizing that theyve met before. The girls start talking about how their families used to go away to a lake house and suddenly it hits Ashley, their second cousins!! Vienna laughs as she hugs Ashley. But Ashley feels weird; she was just massaging Viennas crotch and getting turned on. When she suggests calling another masseuse to finish the massage, Vienna tells her shes being ridiculous. Their moms are cousins, so technically its not even that big of a deal! Vienna tells her to go ahead and finish the massage, after all, they were just getting warmed up!
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