FantasyMassage: Vanessa Veracruz, Peyton Coast - The Anniversary Treat (FullHD/1080p/1016.74 Mb)

When Peyton Coast asks her friend Vanessa Veracruz for anniversary ideas to celebrate with her boyfriend, Vanessa Veracruz talks her into giving him a NURU massage. Peytons intrigued when Vanessa shows her the set up in her bedroom. Beside the mattress covered in plastic is a bowl of thick, viscous liquid that Vanessa says, feels unbelievable on the skin. She explains that she just gave her boyfriend one yesterday. Since Vanessa wants Peyton to have the best anniversary possible, she offers to show her what its all about. Peyton takes off her top and her bra, then her panties. Peyton is so excited, she can hardly wait for Vanessa to remove her shirt before reaching out to touch her boobs. The girls make a pact not to tell their boyfriends. Peyton lies on the mattress, on her stomach facing down. First Vanessa drizzles the thick, sticky NURU gel all over Peytons porcelain skinned back, smoothes it over her buttocks, and rubs it over her thighs and calves. The sunkissed masseuse coats herself with the gel. As shes about to place her body on Peyton, she warns her friend there will be a sensation. Peyton starts moaning right away from the pleasurable weight of Vanessas body, the suctioning of the gel, and the heat coming off Vanessas naked pussy as she massages herself into her friend. Both girls are fully in heat from the friction, when Vanessa turns Peyton over onto her back, kissing her while sliding all over Peytons pussy. She spreads Peytons legs wide open, and lowers her mouth over her pink opening. With a flick of her tongue, she makes Peyton cum. Peyton goes down on Vanessa and gets her back, before Vanessa climbs on top and scissors Peyton energetically, tribbing their lesbian pussies until they succumb! Happy Anniversary!
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  • FantasyMassage: Aspen Rae, Reena Sky - The Come Out Special (FullHD/1080p/1.63 Gb)

    When Reena Sky books a walk-in massage, she really appreciates that her masseuse Aspen Rae can take her at the last minute. Aspen prepares the massage room especially for Reena. She slips into a sexy kimono covering up her lacy lingerie. Reena gets undressed behind the room divider. When she gets on the table, Reena divulges shes married to her high school sweetheart. At the time it seemed like the thing to do. Aspen rephrases her words, suggesting Reena is stuck in her marriage, because she got married before she was old enough to experiment. Reena asks her if she means experimenting with a woman. She wouldnt even know how to start such a thing. But Aspen explains it just sort of happens if you let it. She takes off her robe, making Reena question her intentions. Aspen eases her mind by explaining its only to keep it away from the oil. Aspen continues to talk up the subject of lesbian sex, planting ideas in Reenas mind. Then she gives her a slow and seductive massage. Reena can feel her lesbian intentions. But then Aspen quite abruptly dismisses Reena. Reena confusedly objects. She confronts her about coming onto her and Aspen concedes her attraction to Reena. She agrees to let her experiment. Aspen stays true to her word, teaching Reena everything she knows about licking pussy. Reena gives and receives like a natural born lesbian. The lesbians clutch each other panting and moaning, Reena sucks on Aspens perfect nipples and licks her ass until she cums. Reenas ass shakes as she rides Aspens hard body, tribbing her juicy pussy until they explode in sweet relief simultaneously!
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  • FantasyMassage: Gina Valentina, Logan Long - Santa Came Early (FullHD/1080p/975.51 Mb)

    Logan Long wakes up Christmas morning in bed with sexy girlfriend Gina Valentina. She suspects that Santa came early this year, and Logan follows her into the living room to inspect. Something is waiting in there. Its an air mattress, and Gia wants to use it to give him a full contact NURU Gel massage! Its clear that Logans excited, judging by the footlong sprouting from his torso. The tiny tattooed brunette pulls off her pajama bra and panties, while Logan lies down on the mat. She pulls her hair back so its out of the way of the gel shes lubing him up with. Once shes covered herself in the translucent goo, she straddles Logan on the mat and begins to slide her naked body up and down, making friction with his swollen slippery cock. Beholding the little gumdrop nipples on her titties, Logan cant get over how beautiful she looks with his cock all the way in her mouth. Slow and steady she takes all of his big dick in her pussy. She thrusts her weight to fuck him harder. And with the assistance of the sticky wet gel, her movements effectively bring her to a shuddering orgasm. He flips her over and pummels her from on top, but her juicy quim is so tight, it sucks him like a vacuum till he creampies, cumming hard inside her chimney chute, spilling his love juice until her cup runneth over.
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  • FantasyMassage: Jessi Gold, Iza - Jessi Iza Double Trouble (FullHD/1080p/1.27 Gb)

    Jessi Gold and brunette Iza give their client a deluxe four-handed massage. The teens kiss each other succulently while the client rests comfortably on the massage table. Jessi caresses the clients back with massage oil, while Iza plays with Jessis perky natural breasts. Jessi slips off her shorts revealing her trim athletic hips and flat stomach. Iza gets fully naked too, kissing the client, while he tugs on her nipples. The blonde straddles the client while shes bottomless. She works his back and his ass, while her brunette friend brings her pussy close to his mouth. He licks her pussy while Jessi sits on his dick. Then they switch up the threesome. The brunette gets fucked from behind, while Jessi fingers Izas clit until her pussy explodes. Then he scoops up the blonde and fucks an orgasm out of Jessi, before he penetrates Izas ass and blows a huge load of jizzy cum.
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