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    Dom Ully has racked up a massive debt of student loans and has entered the employ of ebony MILF Jasmine Webb in order to pay it back. Jasmine is quite the mistress and makes Dom do menial tasks like wash the dishes. When he isnt working up to the speed she would like, Jasmine thinks of another task for Dom: eat her pussy! Opening her robe, Jasmine calls Dom in to her room and demands he get on his knees and pleasure her. One look at the hot MILFs big tits is all the convincing Dom needs, and he dives tongue-first into her sweet wetness! Eventually, Jasmine wants to be fucked, so Dom pulls out his cock and sticks it inside her. Boss and employee fuck all over the living room, then all over the kitchen, and as Dom fucks Jasmine on the kitchen table he explodes in orgasm and cums all over her pussy!
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