Michelle H - My Gloves (HD/720p/300.09 Mb)

Sexy Ukrainian babe Michelle H stars in fetish-fantasy movie My Gloves. We find her in her bedroom fixing her long red hair and checking out her stunning naked body in a row of large mirrors on the wall above her bed. She puts on a strapless, bright-red dress that clings to her curves, stretching it up over her pert, perfect breasts and down to cover her shapely ass. Then she rolls on a pair of elbow-length black-lace opera gloves, before applying scarlet lipgloss. She kneels on the bed, revealing a hip-high split on one side of her dress as she admires herself in the mirror again. Then, as she runs her gloved hands over her body, she hikes it up to bare her butt – as she caresses her cheeks, her shaved pussy and tight asshole peek out from between them. Exposing her tits again, she delights in her reflection as they quiver. She runs her hands through her hair, then sits back on the bed, propped up against the pillows with her thighs splayed wide and bare feet on show. She can’t resist cupping and teasing her globes and stiff nipples once more, before sucking on a lace-clad finger as she begins to masturbate. Within moments, she is moaning, her hand a blur as her fingers penetrate her snatch. The gloves are her fetish and the lace builds up friction fast. As she loses herself in erotic bliss, she lies back, knees bent, legs drawn up and toes pointed. Her pleasure becomes so intense it’s almost too much for her to take – but she persists, rolling over onto her belly, buns in the air as she slips her hand down to tease her pink. Finally, she reaches back over her ass to pound herself deep and hard from behind, almost sobbing with relief as she cums, bucking against the sheets. Satisfied, she relaxes, gently stroking her lace gloves over her beautiful curves...
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