SlimeWave / Tainster: n/a - Choose The Healthy Snack (SD/540p/260.74 Mb)

Skinny brunette finds a comfy spot where she can snack on her chocolate. She doesnt pay much attention to the surroundings and thats why she didnt notice she has a company. Our glory hole cock doesnt like to go unnoticed and it sprays the brunettes feet. She puts the chocolate aside cause she is in mood for some naughtier snack. The brunette goes down on her knees and enjoys the white yummy cum the cock provides.
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  • SlimeWave / Tainster: Isabella Chrystin - Slimy Brunch For Two Horny Friends (SD/540p/565.42 Mb)

    Two super hot girlfriends meet up for a brunch. Blonde cutie however serves a special sauce she got from our glory-hole dildo. This slimy white sandwich tastes so great and turn both friends on. Once the mood is settled it doesnt take long before the blondie starts to eat bit "different sandwich." The wet pussy tastes so yummy. The glory hole dildo enters the scene once again and spray both lesbian with loads of slimy cum.
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