Blacked: Abella Danger - First Impressions (SD/480p/372.86 Mb)

При правильном освещении и посвященных последователях Абелла знает, что любой может стать известным в социальных сетях. То, что вы делаете с этой славой, зависит от вас, но если вы знаете правильных людей, все возможно. Когда один из крупнейших менеджеров талантов в Голливуде поражает ее, она знает, что это может быть ее большой шанс. Но она также знает, что не может помешать произвести хорошее первое впечатление - и точно, что ей нужно сделать, чтобы запечатать сделку.
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  • GangbangCreampie: Sophia Grace - GangbangCreampie 154 (FullHD/1080p/1.78 Gb)

    Hello friends, and welcome back to another exciting week here at! We have another spectacular lady whos gonna get fucked, filled, and fed like a champ! We start this week as we usually do, getting to know our fine lady out back on this lovely day. For 21 years old shes very down to Earth. Shes intelligent, worldly. Shes also a filthy whore, with a dirty mouth to boot. This is actually her first gangbang, though she doesnt like to flaunt "firsts" she just likes to fuck. So needless to say today is gonna be a great day! We talk a little more, find out how wed be able to pick her up at the bar, he likes and dislikes. Stuff like that. We get a sneak peek at her pierced pussy, before we have her get nekked real quick then its off to the GangBang Station!

    Weve arrived to the station and we have Sophia on her knees. Get ready because this Greet the Meat is a little wild. Shes such an enthusiastic cock sucker that she gets to be a bit like a kid in a candy store. She loves to talk dirty so we get quite a bit of that filthy mouth as shes doing her best exorcist impression spinning her head around getting every cock and giving it that TLC. She wasnt lying when she said she loved to suck dick and now shes proving it. She gets pretty damn sloppy before we kill it and lead her to the bench and put her on that pedestal where shes about to get fucked, filled, and fed!

    Sophia is on the bench and shes ready to go! Shes done talking, shes stoked to finally get some dick! The guys get whats left of her clothes out of the way and pull her down for some pussy munchin. Chris and Kyle get down to business eating on her pussy as the rest of the guys fill her hands and mouth. She stayed busy today. They finger her pussy for a minute before taking turns fucking her, each getting a turn. Finally she climbs up and rides her first load out of Kyle, getting her pussy nice and filled. She takes the next guys on her back, getting even more filled up. Doggy style doesnt disappoint as she gets speared from both ends taking another load. They finally finish her off with 6 creampies, and honestly it seems like this insatiable woman needed a few more. Looks like well have to get her back for another round....
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