ManyVids: YouthLust - Alice Porn Initiation (FullHD/1080p/1.76 Gb)

Alice has to be one of the hottest girls to ever be shot at YouthLust. She is a cool Colombian girl with a perfect body, actually she is a model. And hell is she a sex beast. She begins with a good blowjob followed by some sex positions. In the middle of the scene I couldn’t hold anymore and shoot a big load on her face, then I continue fucking her with her face drenched in cum until she came as well. This cutie definitely has to return.
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  • ManyVids: IndigoWhite - Slytherin Student Sex Slave (FullHD/1080p/829.04 Mb)

    You got your hands on an invisibility cloak, and you decide to sneak into the Slytherin girls’ chambers! You see one girl reading her book and you cast a spell on her; when she wakes up, she’s under your control! You make her give you a blowjob (while you’re still invisible of course!), finger herself, and you end it with a creampie. You tell her to get dressed and then watch her reaction as she tries to figure out what happened! I tired a bit more of a creative plot with this one, since magic is fun! I hope you enjoy defiling me.
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  • ManyVids: FFeZine - Get dressed up f Daddys Fat Friend 1HR (FullHD/1080p/3.44 Gb)

    Hes only got a small cock honey it wont hurt, but your gonna dress up nice for him and look pretty, Daddy Dom owes him a lot of money and he wants to fuck and fuck you, so Im going to shave your pussy smooth and dress you in panty hose and heels, youll look lovely in a suspender belt when you open your sexy legs and show him your sweet pink fuck hole, but dont worry sweet heart, Daddy Dom, will be right here with you to make sure you do it right. So get in that bath and wash that little cunt because tonight your going to earn your keep. 1 Hour Long.
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