Nubilefilms: Casey, Sabi - Blonde And Beautiful (HD/720p/845.4 Mb)

Casey has a surprise for Sabi as she sneaks up on the object of her desire. Her brand new outfit leaves her with easy access to her breasts, which Casey just knows Sabi will love. She takes a peek into the room to get the lay of the land, then takes a moment to caress her tender body as she works up the nerve to walk in on Sabi and take what she wants.

Taking the control from Sabis hands, Casey fills his field of view with her lovely face while capturing a kiss. Sabi is indeed enamored by Caseys halter top. He undoes the tie, then fills his palms with the fullness of her perky natural breasts. Sliding his hands lower, he cups Caseys bottom before returning his attention to the hard nipple buffet right in front of his face.

Once he has revealed Caseys body to the waist, Sabi gets another one of the treats that his hot lover has in store for him. She unzips his pants and lets his hardon spring free. Taking Sabis stiffie in hand, Casey strokes him and then leans in to run the flat of her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Soon she is contentedly slurping and sucking away as her hips move in the same rhythm that her mouth pulls on Sabis man meat.

Sabi finishes relieving Casey of her outfit and then settles himself on his belly between her thighs. His tongue is busy as he probes her slippery slit. Finding her clit, he focuses on that button of nerves until Caseys breath is coming in gasping moans. Then he curls up behind her and slides into her tight warmth from behind as he spoons with her on the couch.

Gradually Casey rolls onto her knees with Sabi still buried inside her. They quickly transition from there to Casey straddling Sabis hips and riding his fuck stick while he guides her with his hands tight around her waist. When Casey turns around to give Sabi some reverse cowgirl loving, it gives her the perfect opportunity to throw her head back and let sheer sensual bliss envelop her.

On her back, Sabi watches up the line of her leg as Sabi continues to dominate her cock craving snatch. He makes certain to leave her satisfied before allowing his own orgasm to overcome him. When he pulls out, Casey is ready and waiting to give him a handy until he lets his load loose all over her belly. Resuming his spooning position behind Casey, Sabi draws her close to cuddle as she smiles at her replete body.
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  • Anny Aurora - Cocks Always Locked (FullHD/1080p/791.9 Mb)

    German Mistress Annie Aurora may be young but she takes ownership very seriously when it comes to her slaves. She expects and demands pure obedience from all men that want to grovel at her feet. The best way to keep any man under complete control is by showing them exactly who owns that pesky cock. Her slaves manhood is kept caged and locked shut 24/7/365 with no chance of ever escaping. The longer men have their basic right of orgasming taken away the more obedient a slave will become. Mistress Annie makes sure her newest bitch knows exactly what life will be like as a man without a functioning cock. She teases and toys with his helpless body getting great satisfaction from his complete and total sexual frustration. Качество видео: HDRip
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