PureTaboo.com: Adriana Chechik, Vienna Rose, Chad White - Booked (HD/720p/957.16 Mb) - 07-19-2018

SCENE OPENS one night as Charlotte, an anxious looking 18-year-old girl, follows her boyfriend Max along a dirt road. The pair are trespassing on commercial land so Max, an aspiring graffiti artist, can tag a water tower that is popular among his buddies. His accomplice is very nervous about getting caught but doesnt want to appear uncool in front of her man. She urges him to find the spot and hurry up before someone notices. They walk aimlessly, unable to find the water tower until Max, growing frustrated, suggests they stop instead. He pulls out an unmarked 40-ounce bottle from his bag and takes a swig, as Charlotte watches the road. She really doesnt think its a good idea to stop, especially where they are so clearly visible. Max tells her to chill out and join him and, finally, she agrees. But, before she can take a sip herself, a cop car pulls up with its lights flashing. Max runs away, leaving Charlotte alone with the bottle in her hand and an open backpack full of spray paint. She looks up as the cops flashlight comes streaming into her face and realizes that she is in big trouble.
12 hours later. The camera slowly pulls out to reveal Charlotte resting disheveled in the corner of a holding cell. She has been waiting here since her arrest the previous evening. No phone call. No charges filed. Nothing. She wakes up to realize she is being pet by a fellow inmate, a tough-looking woman, who nudges the girl lustfully. Charlotte tries to pull away, curling herself up into a tight ball on the opposite side of the cell, as the inmate whistles and cat-calls. Several awkward moments pass before the outer doors open and Officer Wright enters. Without saying a word, the male corrections officer unlocks the cell and removes the other woman. She demands to know where she is being taken but Wright ignores her, slamming the cell door and escorting her out of the room. Charlotte slowly lifts her head from her lap and, realizing that she is finally alone, begins to unwind. She gets up and paces back and forth, hugging herself, when the officer returns with a tray. He unlocks the cell again and walks in, demanding that Charlotte remove all her accessories and personal effects. Charlotte does as she is told, asking the officer in a whimper if her parents have been called. They are probably angry. In a monotone voice, he replies that she is still in the process of being booked. She will get her phone call when it is appropriate. He takes the tray away and tells her to strip before exiting the cell and the room.
Charlotte looks lost and anxious. She slowly peels off her clothing and stands naked, covering herself. The camera lingers on her shivering body as her nipples harden and she squeezes herself for warmth. The teenage girl has never been in trouble with the law before and is terrified of what her parents are going to say when she finally gets to speak to them.
When the outer doors open again, she is surprised to see Officer Wells enter instead. She is a beautiful female corrections officer, neatly styled in a tight-fitting uniform. Officer Wright follows closely behind. The female officer unlocks the cell and approaches the girl. Its ok sweetheart, she says softly. You dont need to be afraid. Whats your name and how old are you? Charlotte stammers her name and tells the officers that she just turned 18 two weeks prior. They look at each other for a moment, before Officer Wright whispers that this was why he kept her overnight. Yes, Officer Wells agrees, smiling and turning back to the girl. She is here because she is an adult and, as an adult, she has the right to represent herself. Isnt that right, Charlotte? Charlotte nods nervously. Officer Wells informs her in a sweet, sympathetic voice that she and her partner are going to have to take her clothing into custody and conduct a full body search. Officer Wright gathers her civilian clothes while Officer Wells instructs her to stand still. She slips on some gloves and begins to pat the girl down in a professional manner while her partner removes the old clothes from the cell and returns with a folded orange jumpsuit. Charlotte cringes at the sight of it. Spread your legs, sweetie, Officer Wells say. The teen girl does as she is told, and the corrections officer inserts a finger into her vagina. She feels around before bending the girl over, so she can reach deeper. She shoves several fingers inside the girl as she squirms. Shes really wet, the female officer jokes to her partner. He laughs in response. Charlotte asks the woman if she is done yet. Kneeling in front of her, gloves still glistening, Officer Wells tells her to shut her fucking mouth. Its a dramatic change in tone and Charlotte is taken aback. Id .... like my phone call ... now, She stammers. Grabbing the girl by her legs, Officer Wells tells Charlotte to take a deep breath and cough. The girl nervously eyes the other officer, who motions for her to obey. Closing her eyes, Charlotte draws in a deep breath, as Officer Wells brings her face in very close to the girls vagina and takes a deep breath in herself. Charlotte looks down at the sadistic female officer. Why are you doing that? She whispers. Officer Wells looks up at her and, smile fading, informs her that she is smelling for drugs. Her boyfriend is known to police and she might very well be concealing something up in there. Max isnt a drug dealer, Charlotte argues. Hes an artist. Both officers laugh, as Officer Wells stands back up and gets very close to Charlottes face. She asks who the girl wants to call and, trying to remain calm, Charlotte says her parents. Officer Wells smirks. I bet they are going to be horrified when they realize their daughter is a drug mule! Charlotte starts to breakdown, partially pleading for mercy while also defending herself. I swear to you, I dont have any drugs ... I was just hanging out with my boyfriend! She yells. Officer Wright nonchalantly tells her there is only one way to make sure shes telling the truth. She looks over at him and asks what he means. We need to clean your pussy out, Officer Wells cuts in. Make sure its all empty up in there. As she says this, Officer Wright unfolds the jumpsuit to reveal a strapless dildo. Charlotte takes one look at it and jumps back. Officer Wells begins to take off her clothes while explaining exactly what is going to happen. Both her and her partner are going to take turns probing the suspect. She hands her uniform to her partner and picks up the strap-on. All you have to do is comply to this extra cavity search and prove that you have nothing inside of you, She continues, slipping the dildo in. And Officer Wright and I will release you without pressing any charges. Your parents will never know what you did. Charlotte stares at the officers. Officer Wright tosses her the jumpsuit and reminds her that she can put that on instead if she would prefer to remain detained. The nervous teen clutches the prison uniform while her mind races. She cant believe what is happening to her. Officer Wells tells her to hurry up and make up her mind. After some awkward coercing, Charlotte agrees to do whatever the officers say in turn for her release. In a final sadistic twist, they make her repeat herself several times, so it is clear she is consenting to everything they plan to do in the cell.Site: Genre: Categories Hardcore, Threesome, Fingering, Teen, Strap-on, Facial, Deepthroat, Corruption, Exploitation, OfficerDateRelease: 07-19-2018
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  • PureTaboo.com: Lena Paul, Jay Taylor, Danny Mountain - His Anal Mistress (HD/720p/1.08 Gb) - 07-26-2018

    SCENE opens on Tina, a successful photographer, and her husband, Jeremy, as they are having sex in their bedroom. The couple kiss passionately as he climbs on top and starts fucking her in missionary position. Tina loves it and begs him to go deeper. At a certain point, he pulls out and eagerly asks if he can try to put it in her ass again. Her demeanor changes, as she looks up at her husband anxiously. We can try..., she says, nervously rolling over. But not if it hurts, ok? Jeremy gets very excited and, grabbing his lube, greases her up and starts trying to stretch out her asshole. She squirms and grimaces, clearly uncomfortable, as he slips a finger inside her tight hole. Be careful please, she begs him. He slowly removes his finger and starts to try and slide himself inside. The camera focuses on her face, as she winches at the penetration. It hurts very badly and, after a few desperate minutes of trying to make it work, Tina finally cries STOP! Please Jeremy! I cant do it! Disappointed and frustrated, Jeremy pulls out and gets off the bed in a huff. He wipes himself up without looking at his wife. Feeling very guilty, Tina curls up into a ball and apologizes. She tried, she really did. He tells her to forget it. I made the mistake of not doing it before we got married, he says coldly. I should have known better. She apologizes again as he exits the room, leaving her naked and alone on the bed.
    Tina, dressed professionally, sits behind her desk at the studio she runs. She is zoned out, thinking about the night before, when her perky young assistant, Carly, comes in with some mood boards. The duo is planning an upcoming wedding shoot and Carly wants to show her boss some of the ideas she has put together for their client. As Tina looks over her work, Carly senses that something is wrong. Tina seems very distracted, as she has been over the past few weeks. Even though the women have always had a very professional relationship and Tina is her boss, theyve nonetheless grown quite close. Is everything ok, Tina? Carly asks cautiously. Tina snaps out of her daze and smiles at her assistant. Yes, Im sorry. Just have a lot of my mind lately. Not wanting to push the issue, Carly goes back to the mood board. While she describes her concepts, Tina stares at her. She is so young and carefree, barely 20 years old. Tina cant even remember what it feels like to be that outgoing. Can I ask you a personal question? She finds herself saying. When Carly says yes, Tina asks if the girl has ever had anal sex. Im sorry, thats probably TMI! She apologizes, her face blushing as she instantly regrets the question. Carly laughs and tells her not to worry about it. Of course I have, she replies. Anal sex really isnt that big of a deal these days! This makes Tina cringe inside. She asks Carly if she enjoys it. Her assistant, happy to be having a friendly talk with the woman she admires so much, tells her that she loves it. It feels amazing, especially once you get used to it. I dont really get to have it very much anymore, since I broke up with my boyfriend. She adds. But I used to have it all the time! Tina, loosening up a little bit, starts to share her own situation. She tells her assistant about her husbands desires and her efforts to try and please him. No matter what toys she buys or how little she eats to prepare herself, she just cant handle the pain. She feels like a failure, as if shes holding him back from something. Carly asks if the couple have ever thought of having a threesome or going to a swingers party. Tina shakes her head nervously. Shes never considered any of that. Should she? Well, Carly jokes nonchalantly, feeling great about the heart-to-heart they are having. If you ever need to tag me in, dont hesitate to ask! I miss anal! She goes back to describing her mood board, as the joke weighs heavily on Tinas mind.
    CUT to that evening. Tina comes home from work to find her husband already eating dinner. She is surprised that he didnt wait for her. When she sits down in the kitchen to join him, he gives her the cold shoulder. She tries to small talk and ignore the elephant in the room, but the conversation soon drifts back to the night before. Im really sorry that I keep chickening out, she says. I want to do it, Jeremy, I really do! Jeremy forks his food without looking up at her or responding. Feeling anxious and guilty, she adds that shes even started asking her friends for advice. Like who? He asks, eyes still on his food. You dont have any friends anymore. All you do is work! Trying her best to ignore his passiveaggressiveness, Tina tells him that she talked to her assistant about it. He should be happy to know that what he is feeling is actually very common these days. Her assistant is twenty and does it all the time. She even joked about having a threesome together. Jeremys eyes light up. He puts his fork down and hugs his wife. Are you serious? He says. That is such an amazing idea! Tina tells him that she was pretty sure the girl was joking, but she wouldnt be opposed to discussing an open relationship if it made Jeremy happy. Her husband asks to see a photo of the assistant. Tina reiterates that it was probably just a joke and he should forget about it, but he cuts her off. Why would she get his hopes up just to shoot him down again? Its only a damn picture. When Tina relents and shows him a photo from Carlys social media, he gets even more excited. Jeremy tells his wife to invite her over tonight. She already said she would do it! They shouldnt wait for her to change her mind. Besides, Tinas her boss ... it wouldnt take too much convincing. Tina protests but Jeremy gets mad at her. It isnt fair. Why would she even tell him about this if she didnt want to do it too? She is constantly disappointing him. Finally, the conflicted wife agrees to text the girl and invite her over.
    CUT to Carly as she is wrapping up yoga practice on the lawn outside her complex. The camera follows her tight ass as she flexes and stretches in her yoga pants. She is very surprised to receive a text from her boss, who normally doesnt contact her unless its a work emergency. When she asks whats up, she is even more surprised that Tina is inviting her over for a cocktail at her house to discuss some upcoming projects. Excited and proud to be included, she agrees and says shell be over shortly.
    CUT to that night. The doorbell rings and a frazzled-looking Tina answers it, inviting Carly inside. The woman immediately asks her to sit down on the couch and leaves abruptly to get her a cocktail. Carly notices how odd her boss is acting but brushes it off. After all, as she said, the woman just has a lot on her mind these days. As Carly looks around the nice house, Jeremy enters the room. He warmly introduces himself and sits down beside the assistant. They small talk until Tina returns, with a bottle of wine and some glasses. She nervously sets them down on the table and asks her husband if he would open the bottle. She forgot to. He leaves to fetch a corkscrew, squeezing Tinas shoulders tightly on the way out.
    Once alone, Carly asks her boss which upcoming projects she wanted to go over. Tina smiles, her mouth quivering as she tries to calm her nerves. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about what you said earlier today. She says. I have decided that I would like you to have anal sex with my husband. Carly stares at her boss, awkwardly. Um ... I really hope I didnt offend you earlier, she says. I was absolutely joking about that. Tina remains stoic and reiterates that she isnt offended. She wants her to do it. She wants her to do it tonight, in fact, while she watches. So ... I can learn, she chokes out. Carly grabs her purse. Im sorry Tina, she says getting up. That really wouldnt be appropriate for me to do. Youre my boss. She tries to walk to the front door but is stopped by Jeremy coming back. Where are you going? He asks gently. Tina rushes between them and pulls Carly back into the living room. She whispers sternly into her ear that the assistant offered to do it and now she expects it to be done. Carly cannot believe what is happening. I was just trying to be a friend, she whispers.
    Tina makes her sit back down beside Jeremy. Well, we arent friends, she replies. You work for me. And Im asking you to please get this done. We dont need to discuss it. Carly goes very quiet, as the married couple study her reaction. Like my wife said, Jeremy chimes in sweetly. It would only be this one time. Just to help her out. Honey, didnt you mention she was due for an increase soon? He is trying to help his wife negotiate. Tina swallows hard and nods. Carly looks at both in them in disgust. Tina, are you really doing this to me? She demands, angrily. Tina starts to back pedal but Jeremy shoots her a look. I think its important to remember how much my wife trusts you, he adds. She wouldnt ask you to do this if she didnt think you were up to it. And you said you love anal sex, right? Carly ignores him and stares at her boss. You are putting me in an incredibly bad position, Tina. She says curtly. I have been your assistant for over a year. Ive worked overtime. Ive worked weekends. Ive done things even when they were not in my job description. Ive always tried to be the best employee. Tina puts her head in her hands, reeling from the guilt. Carly starts to take off her clothes. She turns to Jeremy. So you want to fuck me in the ass? She asks, raging. Jeremy nods. Tina looks at them through her fingers. Carly rips her hands away from her face and demands that her boss watch. So, you can learn, right? she asks, laughing in her disgust. You are a pathetic woman! She gets down on her knees and tells Jeremy to take out his dick, so she can get it nice and wet. Then, she says. You can stick it in my ass. At least I can take it! BGA Sex Scene. Throughout the sex, Carly instructs Jeremy how to fuck her the way she likes it while Tina cowers in the room, watching and feeling guilty. Even time the wife tries to join in, Carly either makes her do something humiliating to her husband or wait by the sideline. It isnt long before the satisfied Jeremy pulls out and cums over Carlys ass.
    Tina tries to apologize to Carly, as the assistant quickly throws back on her clothes and heads for the front door. She informs her boss that she is quitting. She doesnt want anything to do with her any more.Site: Genre: Categories Blonde, Brunette, Big Tits, Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, Anal Fingering, Fingering, Petite, HairyDateRelease: 07-26-2018
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  • PureTaboo.com: Maddy OReilly, Tyler Knight - The Rectal Exam (HD/720p/944 Mb) - 08-02-2018

    Family doctor exploits favorite patient into anal sex exam
    SCENE opens with the camera focused tightly on the exposed back of a woman with a stethoscope pressed against her skin. The camera travels as the doctors hand slowly moves the stethoscope lower down the patients back, which elicits a light gasp and giggle from the patient without us ever seeing her face. She exclaims that the metal is a bit cold. A close-up of just the doctors mouth, biting his lip nervously, shows us that the exposed skin and flirty noises of his patient are distracting him. Sorry, Dr. Sumner says with a bit of a dorky laugh, just one more deep breath please? We watch her exposed back rise and fall slowly as she breathes deep, and Dr. Sumner stares at her mesmerized. Gooood, he exclaims softly. Catching himself staring, he clears his throat and lifts the stethoscope off her back. As he turns back to stand across from his patient, we see she is a strikingly beautiful woman, Yvette. In fact, Dr. Sumner finds he has trouble taking his eyes off of her as he speaks. Well, your breathing checks out, blood pressure is normal, and your vaccinations are all up to date... was there anything else thats been worrying you that you wanted me to look into? Yvette looks uncomfortable as she tries to broach the subject. Actually, yes, there was something else thats been bothering her recently, but its a bit uncomfortable to talk about. Dr. Sumner assures her that no topic is off limits, especially not for his favorite patient, and Yvette gets a bit more relaxed. Well, she elaborates, shes been feeling some discomfort in her... well, her you know, (butthole she mutters hurriedly), ever since she tried anal sex for the first time with her boyfriend a couple of days ago.
    Dr. Sumner is visibly taken aback, and he stutters over a response as he fidgets with his coat and tie. Yvette looks let down, she had hoped that Dr. Sumner would react more professionally than this, but he apologizes - its simply because hes been treating her and her family since she was a little girl, sometimes he forgets shes a 22 year old woman now. But shes right, theres nothing to be ashamed of, what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is not any of his business. He remarks that its not uncommon for anal virgins to experience some pain and discomfort afterwards, and that the pain should subside after a day or two as long as she was careful, they went slowly, and used plenty of lubricant. Yvette, however, doesnt seem to have been put at ease - shes read about anal fissures and tearing and the like. Isnt he even going to take a look to make sure it isnt something more serious? Dr. Sumner starts to say that its not necessary since her level of pain doesnt seem too severe, but then he cuts himself off. Actually, yes, shes absolutely right, he should perform a thorough examination. Just to be safe. So if she can just please lift up her dress, remove her underwear, and bend over the table...
    CUT back to just a few seconds after, only now in a male gaze perspective from behind Yvette as we stare straight onward at her bent over ass. Her pussy and butthole are on full display as she waits patiently for her doctor to take a look. He kneels down close, placing one firm hand on each cheek to spread them wider, and stares transfixed for several seconds.
    Um... doctor? Yvette asks timidly. Is everything ok back there? Dr. Sumner snaps out of his reverie and stutters that yes, hes just making a preliminary visual inspection before he runs more extensive tests. He periodically spreads her ass cheeks wide to provide the camera with ample close-up shots of her winking hole - this goes on for almost a minute, though the doctor is now more conscious to make it seem like a proper inspection by adding authoritative sounds like mm-hmm, ok, so far so good, etc. to keep Yvette feeling assured.
    Well, at first glance everything seems in order, but Ill of course have to palpate the inside of your rectum next, so you should brace yourself for some mild discomfort. Palpate? Yvette asks nervously, but Dr. Sumner explains that palpate just means examining by touch. Its just a clinical way of saying hell be inserting his finger. With lubricant, of course. He asks her to remain in position while he dons his medical gloves - as he does this, we see that unbeknownst to Yvette, the doctors attention remains fixated on her ass on display. He smears some lubricant onto his index and middle fingers, and then gets back into position behind her.
    He reminds her that as he said, she might feel some slight discomfort - and then makes a bad joke about how hes sure it will be nothing compared to how it must have felt with her boyfriend sticking it in the other night. Yvette laughs nervously, not because it was funny but to make things less awkward. The doctor sticks one gloved finger in slowly, asking Yvette to describe the sensations as he does so. She describes the initial pressure, a dull ache as his finger goes deeper in, and then finally a yelp of surprise when he sticks the finger all the way in, though it quickly subsides, and she remarks that she doesnt notice much pain now that hes all the way in. He remarks that hes going to keep his finger there for a few moments, and suggests she takes a few deep breaths. He places his other hand on her ass cheek again and spreads it idly as they wait.
    Dr. Sumner begins to ask Yvette questions about her first anal experience. Though as he asks his questions, Dr. Sumner coyly pulls his finger in and out, pretending its part of the process. Did she use lube? (Yes.) Did she work her way up to the night in question by using any smaller toys to start? When Yvette says no, the doctor suggests that if she wants to continue having anal sex she should consider it, in fact hes read about women who wear butt plugs for hours at a time to stretch themselves out, even in public. Yvette blushes and says theres no way she could be bold enough for something like that. Dr. Sumner changes the subject and asks if Yvettes boyfriend fingered her first to ease her into it, and she confesses no, he didnt. Dr. Sumner explains that that may be why shes experiencing some pain now, and that its generally better to start slow and work her way up to bigger objects. As he says this, he tells her hell be putting in a second finger to test her elasticity. The second finger is clearly more difficult for Yvette to handle than just the one, but he eases her into it with a sense of relish.
    After he satisfies himself with having fit two fingers into her hole and wiggling them around to make her squirm a bit, Dr. Sumner pulls his fingers out gently and then tells her that while things seem normal inside, he would like to get a final deeper visual inspection using a speculum. He lays Yvette on her side on the table, ass peeking out towards him, and he pulls out a rectal speculum from a nearby drawer. He inserts it carefully and uses it to expand her asshole slightly wider. Yvette remarks that the sensation is very uncomfortable, but the doctor remarks that the sensation should pass and that he promises its absolutely necessary. However, he is clearly enjoying himself, even inserting his finger into the opening of the speculum to tease and toy with the rim of her hole. He tells Yvette that shes lucky that a complete amateur like her boyfriend didnt injure her, and that they should really take better precautions next time. Yvette, slightly weirded out, remarks that Dr. Sumner really seems to know a lot about anal sex. Like, a lot.
    At this, Dr. Sumner gets very embarrassed. He takes the speculum out of Yvette and removes his hands from her, putting them between his legs sheepishly. He was just offering her some advice, thats all. Yvette asks where he even gets all this advice from, shes sure its not stuff he learned at medical school. Dr. Sumner tries to evade the question, but Yvette coaxes him - hes been a friend of the family for years now and hes helped her through some very tough times, she wont judge him. Dr. Sumner bashfully answers that he watches a lot of anal porn. Yvette grins, its almost cute how nervous the doctor looks. She asks Dr. Sumner if hes ever had anal sex and he admits that he hasnt but has always wanted to. Yvette gets bolder, she bets that he must get awfully tempted sometimes with all the pretty girls he must have to look at as part of his job. In fact, hes always said shes his favorite patient, is that because he likes her or is it just because hes always wanted to fuck her? Dr. Sumner stumbles over his words and Yvette takes advantage of this to coax him further. Hes right that her boyfriend is a complete amateur. In fact, having anal sex with him hurt like hell. But she bets that if a real man showed her how to do it, a man whos completely obsessed with anal sex, hed know how to do it right. She reaches for his crotch and he pulls back, it would be unethical. She gets up off the table and approaches him seductively, insisting that no other patient of his is ever going to go along with something like this, this is a once in a lifetime chance and hed be an idiot to turn it down. She wants it, he wants it. What could be more ethical than that? She leans in for a kiss and he hungrily kisses back, his hands going straight to gripping her ass cheeks tightly as they embrace.Site: Genre: Categories Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, Anal Fingering, Fingering, 69, Pussy Licking, Interracial, Ass to mouth, BlowjobDateRelease: 08-02-2018
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  • PureTaboo.com: Lena Paul, Domenic Kane - Possessive (HD/720p/819.07 Mb) - 08-14-2018

    SCENE opens on Natalie, a 20-year-old college student, as she lays quietly in the bed of her small apartment. She has been trying to ignore the man at her door for several minutes now. After the knocking finally stops, Natalie waits a few seconds longer before deciding to sneak to her window. She moves the curtain to one side and peeks out, just long enough to spot him outside before quickly retracting and hiding behind the door. The knocking resumes, this time louder and more violently, causing Natalie to panic. The man calls out from the other side of the door and orders her to open it. He isnt going anywhere. Natalie bites her nails nervously, unsure of what to do, before finally letting out a sign and opening the door to face him. An intimidating man, with massive biceps, is holding two empty duffel bags. He looks very irritated, cursing at her under his breath before diving into a prepared script. My name is Tony, he says. Im with Flexline Repossessions. Ive come to collect your possessions to compensate for the student loan youve defaulted on ... but Im sure you already know that! Natalie looks crestfallen. She tries to reason with him, saying she is starting a new job soon and she should be making payments again by the end of the month. Tony listens and smiles sympathetically. Good, then that means this will be the last time I have to do this, he replies, pushing past the doorway and walking into her room. The camera lingers on Natalies face as she slowly turns around and closes the door behind him.
    He inspects some items closely, while tossing others directly into his duffel bags. The possessions he doesnt take are put back haphazardly, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Natalie tries to interject occasionally -- especially when he touches a gift from her boyfriend or a family heirloom -- but he largely ignores her protests
    As Tony works, he begins to pause more frequently to ogle and elicit reactions from Natalie. It becomes clear to her that he is spending less time on this job and more time trying to make her uncomfortable. Through his POV, we see the repo man staring at the girls body while he laughs at the position shes gotten herself into; asks about the sentimental value of certain possessions; and begins to make crass, lewd gestures to try and offend her. He sniffs her underwear as he bags it; comments on a photo of her mom; and asks if her boyfriend satisfies her after discovering a dildo in her drawer. Throughout the ordeal, Natalie tries to remain calm and polite. She just wants to get it over with it, even when he gets right up in her face to intimidate her.
    When he finally finishes, he takes stock of what is inside his bags and then remarks that it isnt going to be enough to cover what she owes. She starts to cry. Glancing out the window, he notices the car parked in her driveway. Is that car yours, the red one? He asks. Natalies eyes well up in desperation as she feebly tries to hold Tony back. Please dont take my car, she begs him. I need it for my new possessive Desperate Broke College Girl Gives Up Her Body To Repo Man job. If you take it, Ill never be able to pay back the rest of the loan. PLEASE! You already took everything else! Tony is unwavering, clearly enjoying her breakdown. Well, he says slowly. There is one other possession I could take instead. Site: Genre: Categories Blonde, Big Tits, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Fingering, Big Toys, Hairy, Facial, Pussy to mouth, BlowjobDateRelease: 08-14-2018
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